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Take to the skies with this unbelievable flight experience… See the whales like you never thought possible before…

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Join Gansbaai Adventures for the ultimate sky-high adventure as we provide you with an eagle’s eye view of these truly amazing animals from the comfort of our dedicated whale watching aircraft.

What To Expect From Our Whale Watching Flight

From our vantage point in the sky you can watch the visiting Southern Right Whales, Humpback Whales and even dolphins and the occasional Great White Shark. See these 80-tonne behemoths, which are totally unaware of our presence, frolic, breach and interact with each other.

During mating season you may be able to spot rival males competing for the attention of females and how the calves remain closely at their mothers’ sides for reassurance and guidance. It’s a breath-taking adventure and a view of these incredible mammals (and other sea life) that no other vantage point could offer.

Gansbaai Adventures offers 30, 45 and 60-minute long whale watching flights.

What If We Don’t See Anything?

It is incredibly unlikely that we won’t spot any whales during whale season; however, if they are particularly shy on the day you decide to fly with us and we don’t see any, we will provide you with a full refund. No strings attached. No whales, no cost.

Having said this, there are days we see great pods of whales. To date, our record is 135 whales, which we saw on a 30-minute flight.

Is It Worth It?

We have been providing whale watching flights for over 8 years now and we still cannot get enough of the tours ourselves! There isn’t a flight we go on that we don’t see something new or unusual that truly astounds us. These magnificent animals have the most incredible personalities and are a privilege to watch in their natural environment.

Being able to see whales and other sea life from our vantage point in the sky offers up some exceptional photographic opportunities. In fact, our whale watching flights are particularly popular amongst professional and budding photographers, as our aircraft has a removable door which offers an unobstructed view of the ocean and the whales from a stable and smooth platform. You will literally have the best seat in the house

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