Outdoor Adventure activities

Gansbaai Adventures is the one stop shop for all your holiday adventure needs…

What do you want to do while you are away?

Everyone wants to have a great time while they are away on holiday…right? We have put together some of the best outdoor adventure activities for you to enjoy while you are in the beautiful area of Gansbaai…

Why pick Gansbaai Adventures for all your outdoor adventure activities needs?

We have everything from quad biking, whale watching, shark cage diving and many more. Outdoor adventure activities doesn’t only have to be for the adventurous adrenalin junkies as we also have more relaxed activities like a wine tasting tour to the various different farms in the area or a picnic at a cheese tasting farm where you can buy a picnic basket while the children go and play.

So whether you are picking something for the kids or for the boy at heart, we have it all. So why not let Gansbaai adventures take care of all your holiday needs?